Why use HAC?

20 Apr

We at the Tigabyte Team aren’t ones for blowing our own trumpets because we’re a modest bunch of folks. Although not yet released, HAC can already create and build apps for Android Market. HAC is very easy to use and building an Hello-World takes a couple of minutes with the code being very easy to understand. Your code can often be run within HAC to see if it actually works before sending it to an Android device or emulator. HAC supports most of HyperNext’s core functionality so putting together a simple program to process some data or display some graphics is quite easy. HAC’s screen designer and Preview option give a guide to how how an app’s screen might look on an Android device. The screen designer is very flexible and allows the controls to be arranged as you want and not in the usual row-like manner as when using the traditional Android XML layout files approach.

Watch this space !

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