HAC v1.08 with GPS

19 Dec

V1.08 adds 51 new commands including functions for finding location from GPS and Mobile Network, new card commands and event queue monitoring.

This update also fixes a bug that prevented HAC apps running properly on the Galaxy Tab and some other Android devices. The bug caused a  startup error when the app tried to access the device’s internal orientation sensor. It has now been fixed and hasn’t affected the orientation detection and automatic screen redrawing.

GPS functionality has been added so HAC apps can actively run in the background and obtain location data from Satellite and Mobile networks. Programmers can specify whether to use GPS and or Mobile network to receive location data as often a Mobile Network is not available or else the user does not wish to incur network charges.

The new Card commands and functions make it easier for your app to keep track of its cards. As in HyperCard, HyperNext cards  are really screens and are much easier to create and switch than with the traditional Java development approach.

Programmers can now monitor how many events are in the app’s HyperNext event queue and flush the queue if it becomes overloaded.

The Editfield control has also been improved and an app’s memory requirements reduced.

For a list of improvements see the release notes accompanying HAC and the posts listed in our forums.

Thank you to our forum users and others for submitting such valuable feedback.



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