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Welcome to HAC from the Tigabyte Team

Hello, this is the blog for HyperNext Android, an Android development system for people new to programming. In a short time, HyperNext Android Creator – or HAC for short – will be launched to make life much easier for so many people struggling to create Android apps.

If you have ever tried to create any app for Android then you’ll know how difficult and mystifying it can be. However, things will soon get much easier…with HAC, there is no need to learn Java or the complexities of the Android SDK. HAC has an English-like programming language, plus a visual designer. This allows fast creation of screens and controls, such as buttons as well as list boxes etc. It also supports most HyperNext functionality, plus a subset of the most important Android functionality. HAC builds for Android OS 1.6 and above so you won’t lose out on sales by neglecting that vital part of the market.

Right now, HAC can already create and sign apps for Android Market, can connect with Android Emulator and with many Android devices, via USB and Wireless. It can create background apps and even offers developers the controversial option of a Quit button. HAC is aimed at creating apps, both for Android smart phones and tablets. Although its current feature set still needs a lot of debugging and smoothing out, the release of v1 is in sight.

HAC doesn’t have the full functionality that apps developed with Eclipse and Netbeans could have. However, most app creators need a set of commonly used functions and in getting HAC to support these we have tried hard to hide the complexites of Java and the Android SDK from the HAC user.

The Android market is developing rapidly, both in terms of the Android OS updates and in Android market share. Many newcomers are trying to develop their Android app and when HAC appears the turnaroud time from starting to develop an app to finishing it will be greatly reduced. It will be more fun as well.

HAC updates will appear each month, bringing bug fixes and new features. Bug fixes will come first as no one wants their app to crash on their customers device.

Welcome to HAC from the TigaByte Team.